**SNIPPET** The Heretic Priest; Sneak Preview Snippet

Hello darlings,

I am almost three thousand words into my goal of four thousand for the night. I’m trying to keep trucking. Meanwhile, I thought I would leave my favourite snippet of the night here for you to enjoy!

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Encarz had always thought he would be the first to die. It was true that Graeme had been an idiot, but Encarz was the eldest. He never thought he would light his brother’s funeral pyre unless he had been the one to do the killing.

It was almost insulting to have to light the pyre underneath a corpse of Pharaun’s making. It was too much like cleaning up his enemy’s mess.

The night air was crisp and the wind nonexistent when they bore Graeme’s body out on a marble slab. It was the perfect night for a burial.

Graeme’s corpse had been dressed in its best, the hideous wound that had officially killed him covered up by velvet and brocade. He was not to be burned with his sword, as Encarz would one day be. Rather they had set his hands over an ancient leather tome. Traditionally it would have been his grimoire, but that remained lost to them and the book was more than likely a collection of public records from the days of Encarz’s childhood.

The corpse had been dressed with myrrh and frankincense, its pillow packed with herbs such as sage and lavender. Encarz watched as the procession men lay his brother’s slab on top of the pyre built of dried wood and straw. The pile groaned beneath the weight of the slab. But even though the marble wouldn’t burn, it was an insult to let a royal body rest on anything less.

High priest Malhii stepped forward, holding in his hands a book of prayers. He didn’t need it – he knew them all by heart. It was just a formality. Encarz had made certain to steer clear of the high priest and anyone who might try to comfort him. He didn’t need comforting. He just need space – room to breathe.

Malhii opened the book of prayers and flipped through some of the fragile pages, finally landing on a selection that looked good. He cleared his throat and began to read – his voice cracked and hollow with age. Encarz waited patiently as the rites were finished and a small acolyte in robes too big for him passed a lit torch to Malhii. The high priest of Azrael took the torch. Holding it up high, he too paused to take one last look at Graeme. Encarz couldn’t imagine how he must have felt. Malhii had been a grown man when the both of them were still children.

Malhii threw the torch done, and the pyre caught fire immediately. The wood took longer to light than the straw, but eventually the sky was filled with a heavy black smoke, acrid from the corpse it was ferociously consuming.

Encarz did not turn away. The entire funeral party was eerily quiet. No one knew exactly what was appropriate to say during the funeral of a man that they had all come to largely ignore.

A soft body brushed by him. Encarz’s hand touched velvet and jerked away as if he had been burned. He turned his head to catch sight of the offender and he saw the figure of a woman. Her face was barely visible beneath the hood of her dark green cloak, but in the firelight he could make out near perfect features. The sweetest pert nose, full red lips, and eyes… eyes that sparkled with as many facets as a flawless emerald. Eyes like Eireann had once posessed.

Encarz was unable to look away.

The woman looked up at him briefly, and then averted her eyes. Encarz turned his attention away from the funeral pyre and to her, overwhelmed with the sudden desire to know her name.

“I’m sorry, sire,” she said, as if she had committed a hideous sin by brushing up against him.

“I do not recognize you,” he said. “Are you a courtier?”

“Yes, your majesty,” she nodded, and dipped a belated cursty. Her skirt was an elegant pool of velvet at her feet. “Forgive me, I shall move on.”

He grasped her elbow, as if his words alone could not hold her in place and he needed the security.

“What is your name?” he asked.

She smiled, a gentle curve of soft lips.

“Neysa,” she said, gently. “My name is Neysa.”


**PROGRESS** Overcoming Sticky Spots

Music to inspire tonight: Sleepyhead by Passion Pit, Would You Be Impressed by Streetlight Manifesto

Hello darlings,

I am taking a small break from my work to update this blog. I am a bit behind on my novel writing. I didn’t get anything done last night (too many distractions, no inspiration). But I actually went through today and jotted down an outline for the next few chapters and it worked like a CHARM. Now that I am knowing what direction I am headed in it is a lot easier to chip away at this current chapter until I am over my sticky spot.

The worst thing about sticky spots is that they are SO sticky that by the time you overcome them, you feel like you are covered in gunk and that it is the worst thing you have ever written. But it is done, and that is what counts. That’s what the editing process is for!

I am 1,500 some odd words in and I intend to write over 4,000 to make up for last night’s slack. Do you guys think that I can do it?

I will be back with more later. I just wanted to let everyone know that I hadn’t fallen off the face of the earth.

Your most adored,


**PROGRESS** 2000 some odd words later…

Music to inspire tonight: When You Were Young by The Killers and Sleepyhead by Passion Pit

Hello my darlings,

It’s a really weird combination, but yeah … that’s what I am big on tonight and what just so happens to be fueling these scenes.

I managed to get out 2,000 some odd words in the past few hours, so I count that as progress! I am taking a break right now to dye my hair, but once that is done it will be right back to the grindstone. I’m not sure how much I will get written tonight but I have no intention of stopping until I run myself dry. It feels so great to be back in the saddle again. My characters are being their normal selfish, ridiculous selves and I love every moment of it.

I have also noticed that – since I am finally sliding back into my “writer self” for the first time in a year and a half – people make me grumpier, loud noises distract me unpleasantly more often, and I am just in general more introverted. An unfortunate side effect or a necessary byproduct?

Of course, I have been brushing aside other obligations like math homework and reading for Greek civilization class … but that can wait! All of that can wait until later, when I decide to stop typing my fingers to the bone.

I might have a snippet for you guys later… but only if you ask nicely. 😉

Now my hair is done and I must away back to Dragoloth where I intend to spend the rest of my life.

Until later, my darlings.

Your most adored,


**NEW** Short Horror Story “Secondhand Haunting”

Hello darlings,

Holy Hera, it has been a busy weekend. Not simply homework wise but just other-stuff-I-have-been-up-to wise, and I have barely had time to hop on this blog and check up on things, much less make an actual post. But now I have a little downtime and I would like to wave at all my lovely ones, and I hope that you weekend is going brilliantly.

I haven’t had a lot of time to update novel progress, but I did get to post a new short story called Secondhand Haunting. It does, of course, feature The Puppetmaster (my favourite villain to date that is not part of the Dragolothian scheme). So you should head over and check that out – meanwhile there are more bios / writings that are forever being worked on. So if you don’t already follow me and you want to keep posted, it’s a great way to keep up.

We are about to go do a photoshoot since it is such a beautiful day today. The past few days it has been so rainy and miserable that now when the sun is peeking out from behind the clouds all I want to do is run around barefoot (a famously bad idea on campus). I also got to watch IT, Misery, and House of 1000 Corpses this weekend. I had seen Misery before but the other two are new to me, and I can’t decide which was my favourite. They were both, hands down, REALLY AWESOME. IT wasn’t scary at all. In fact, I kind of fell in love with that creepy-ass charismatic clown. House of 1000 Corpses wasn’t as gory as I thought it would be, and Rob Zombie is a genius. The guy who played Otis was really hot, too. Especially towards the end when his face was painted like a skull and he was presiding over that pyre … mmm.

Enough, enough, I promise. I’m trying to actually read IT now that I have seen the movie and so far I really love the book. But I love Stephen King, in general. So let’s hope that this will bring forth lots of inspiration for stories to come. In the meantime, enjoy Secondhand Haunting, and I will catch up to you dalings later!

Your most adored,


**NEW** Character bios, novel price – etc.

Hello my darlings,

I am going to bed. I swear I am going to bed. I know I said that about twenty hours ago.

But I have finally updated my World of Dragoloth page, just as I said I would! For short links you could just go HERE t0 check out the succession of kings and emperors or, if you want to see some really neat character bios, you should check out THIS LINK.

Also, I knocked down the price of my novel a couple dollars. Go see the NEW PRICE.

I’m sorry that this is a rather blatant, inglorious blog post … but I am very tired. So so so, I am going to bed. I hope you enjoy looking at all the new shiny things! More to come tomorrow, as always.

Goodnight darlings. 😉

Your most adored,


Praise Zeus!

I am so tired. You know you are getting old when you look at the clock and your first thought is, “Woohoo! Bedtime! Let’s go!” Further indications of depravity include Dr. Pepper being rendered tasteless and Sour Punch straws tasting like barf (that’s probably why they were seventy-nine cents at Walgreens, dipshit). I have written nothing today even though I had every intention of doing so. And my only consolation is that I am no longer sitting in a sauna. Although that also means I can’t sweat off anymore fat. Woe, woe.

I keep telling myself that I am going to get more done this weekend. Though just because I haven’t written anything new doesn’t mean I have been remiss in my website updates. If you would care to skip over to the World of Dragoloth page, you will see that I have added a handy little list of the succession of kings and emperors from the year like, 1 to present. And as promised, the bios are coming up next. It’s just a devil getting them all in their individual documents, then converting them to PDFs, updating the names and information … the list goes on. My computer rage quit on me last night by overheating and passing out at about 1 in the morning before I could get any adequate work done. That is an excuse, right?

I wonder if that would work for my homework. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t write my paper because my laptop rage quit on me last night and libraries are against my religion. Praise Apollo!”

Although it seems to me that Apollo would be a bigger advocate of libraries than say, Zeus. I feel like Apollo would be like, “Novels and poems, blessed be!” and Zeus would be that guy who is just like, “What the hell is a novel? Sexytime!” So maybe when I say libraries are against my religion I should just tack on a “praise Zeus!” at the end.

I just monologued as if that whole thing made sense.

And I am just procrastinating further. I admit it, I have a problem. I most sincerely am procrastinating because bios are work, as is reading Henry IV for Shakespeare class and Aquinas for Philosophy. Can I just go to bed and forget that any world other than Dragoloth exists? Thank you please.

On the upsde, my characters have been a lot more agreeable today – even Pharaun, who has been following me around but has been fairly tolerable. That is a true divine miracle.

All right, I am going now to see if I can squeeze in a few more bios and maybe get some posted. But I am not making any promises.

OH, and a side note. Once more I am THANKING all of my new followers who are amazing. And if you read my blog but don’t follow me, that is awesome too. (as long as you buy my novel ;)) Plus, if you like one of my pages or my blog posts I kind of instantly follow you in a fit of reciprocity. So if you most emphatically DO NOT want me to follow you, then drop me a line to tell me as much. Or, hell, just drop me a line anyway. I like getting emails/comments. They make me feel special.

Or how about this. For every comment I will make Pharaun do an exotic dance in full traditional garb. Gauzy veil and all. Doesn’t that sound tempting?

Your most adored,


Late night blurb

It is ten o’ clock. I am sitting in an over-heated dorm, sweating off the last twenty pounds I gained during dinner. I have to pee, and I can’t tell if I am hungry or not.

That was all very unprofessional for me to post.

But I have Dr. Pepper and somehow that makes everything much better.


Hello darlings,

Wow! Thank you, everyone who has followed me in the past couple of days. If I didn’t follow you first then I will most definitely return the favour.

I have class in an hour and a half and I am trying to get some writing done, but the internet keeps distracting me. The project I am working on now I can’t tell if I want it to be a short story or a novel. It definitely has novel potential, and it is on a subject that I have been wanting to write for for some time now … but I feel like I need to finish the Age of Waking Death series before I start on anything new.

It feels nice, though, to not have to scrape the bottom of the barrel and scrounge for inspiration. Spring seems to make my boys really active, and they tend to hover and talk (and be in general very annoying) until you write for them. Shrukian and Pharaun (or Pharun, as readers of Dragon’s Disciples might know him) are the worst culprits. Neither of them wants to shut up but neither likes the other overly much. Meanwhile I am trying to determine who deserves the most attention.

Long story short, if you are a writer, never give your characters a personality. They will grab it and run.

I will give further updates later. Thank you again, my lovely followers, and if you have not checked out my novel yet then feel free to do so!!

Your most adored,


GREAT News!!!

Hello darlings!

This is a small update following the one I already made today, but I couldn’t help myself. I just hopped on to Lulu where my novel is being sold and it turns that I have sold enough copies so far to get my first paycheck!

I’m not J.K. Rowling yet, but that means I have sold at least 5 copies with the way the revenue is set up. It’s a start, and it makes me happy knowing that there are people out there enjoying the world I have striven to bring to life!

I hope the rest of you can say the same soon enough! Go check out The Dragon’s Disciples, if you haven’t already! And thank you for your support.

Also, I meant to do this earlier – I wanted to say thank you to the followers of this blog I have gained in the past couple days. You guys rock and your support is fantastic! I hope you enjoy kicking around my world as much as I do!

Your most adored,


**UPDATES** on the Latest

Hello my darlings,

As promised, I have begun the process of uploading my copious piles of short stories, poems, and plays to this website! Naturally, I haven’t had to time to upload all of my desired content as of yet. But that doesn’t mean you will be in any way lacking – especially with a selection of 23 short stories to choose from!

More is to come, especially in the World of Dragoloth section that I haven’t had time to figure out how to conquer just yet. But rest assured, once I have waded through the stacks of biographies, maps, and language notes that I have before me – all of it will find its way here. Following my blog is the best way to get updates when new content is posted!

So, once again, please – feel free to read and enjoy yourselves here! Feel free to comment, email me, or just keep your pleasure to yourself.

Also, you can follow me on twitter! @Glitzkrieg_King

I hope you enjoy. More updates to come!

Your most adored,