So, what’s on the agenda for today, Cyrus? I’m glad you asked, audience. After updating this blog I will be finding some way to practice my makeup. Like, you know, I promised myself I would. Then why update your blog first, Cy? Well, it takes, what, two weeks of doing something consistently for it to become a habit? Something like that. At any rate, blogging daily hasn’t become a habit yet. So expect many random, meaningless posts until it does.

Though I do really need to get on that makeup thing. Like… right now.

I’m so lazy some days it ought to be fined.

And would you have thought that I barely own a single article of feminine clothing? Always when you need it…

Thought for the day: Why can’t we stop intelligent people from doing stupid things?

All right. I’m going. I’ve talked to myself on the internet enough. I can do that shit in the mirror. I shall return later with pictures. Until then, audience, I remain…

Your most adored,
C.N. Faust

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