This probably won’t be a very long update at all. I am off to have coffee with my darling friend Cheyenne and then I am off to work and who knows what I will feel like updating then.

I went to bed last night feeling like the epitome of masculinity. I just knew that when I woke up I was going to bind, put an effort into what I wore, and play the part of the gentleman all day. I woke up this morning and the only thing I felt like was a zombie who miraculously didn’t give a shit.

This always happens to me.

In other news, I have made me promise myself that I will work on the makeup for the photoshoot tonight, just to be sure I actually know what I’m doing. No excuses, this will be it… (fat chance)…Marius is the one that puzzles me MOST, honestly. I’m not very well-versed in working with reds. Goddamn you, Marius, you and your superior taste in colour.

Also, don’t you love it when Pandora seems to get halfway through some random song and then switches over? It’s almost like they realized it wasn’t supposed to be there but played enough before they switched it so you wouldn’t notice, you would just think that the sixties had unnaturally short jams.

Well, that is my random thought for the day. Maybe not the day, but the morning, sure. If you are extra special, you may get an update later. But until then, I remain….

Your most sincere,
-C.N. Faust


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