First Real Post

Salutations. Originally this blog was simply for promotional purposes, but in lieu of my recent departure from Facebook (or soon to be departure) I decided to convert it into something a bit more personal so that family and friends don’t feel like they have fallen entirely out of touch.

And many have been puzzling over my and Mark’s decision to call it quits. Well, to be honest, it all boils down to the fact that I just wanted to. I am not so foolish as to deny being made a slave to social media- in addition to blogs I also have Twitter, and such. But with Facebook I was beginning to feel more and more violated. Nothing was new to me or anyone anymore. I had almost no control of what got out to whom and how. Facebook also proved to be a bottomless well of unnecessary drama. Bred, I believe, by the fact that there is nothing really to do on Facebook other than peruse other pages and get the intimate, delicious bits of people’s lives that manage to slip out. And need I bring up the thousand countless arguments that no one can win that always happen anyway. Some positives even turned out to be negatives. It is so easy to keep up with family members, but I increasingly felt like that since I could follow their lives on FB they felt less of a need to communicate with me personally.

So maybe putting myself ‘out of the loop’ will put me out of touch with many, but I feel like taking an extra step to stay in touch with someone (text, email, phone call, any alley that initiates actual conversation) will actually strengthen some relationships. Facebook, I think, creates dangerous illusions about who is really your friend, blowing petty arguments and differences way out of proportion.

So there you it. My decision… and its reasons. Any thoughts to share? Drop me a comment. I love you all. Until the next blog post I remain…

Your most loyal,
C. N. Faust


2 thoughts on “First Real Post

  1. I have arrived at a brilliant idea. I’ve been gnawing away at what to do to communicate since our talking schedule will be irrevocably destroyed in college. I propose we joint create a blog and leave messages/stories/art. This in no way pertains to the above post, but as you are leaving facebook, you must get used to such non-pertaining things, I’m afraid. Either that or I have to join Twitter and dear god no

    • YES! I think that is a brilliant idea. Imagine the torture we could put each other through. “I posted!” “IS IT ADRIAN?!” ” I don’t know. Go find out. :D” “BUT I CAN’T I’M IN CLASS TELL ME PLEASE KKHGDDHNUFCB!!!” šŸ˜€

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